News - Delicious CREDITS film! Click to watch it.

News - We composed 2 trailer cues for NBC Universal. This is for Dominion!News - Here is Release The Hounds for ITV!News - Delicious re-records 'Whitney' for the BBC Darts trails.News - We wrote Lee Mack's theme tune! Click to watch.News - Commonwealth Games wins at Promax! Click to watch.
News - Here's the title music for Everest ER. Click to watch!
News - We composed Million Dollar Intern! Click to watch.News - We composed the theme for Guinness World Records Smashed. Click to watch!News - 'House of Saddam' trailer wins PROMAX with our music on it. News - GOLD Winning Promax Darts trail for BBC.News - To Buy Or Not To Buy still on air after 10 years. Click to watch!

Titles: Street Monsters (CBBC)News - Delicious Music on the BBC Snooker trailsIdentity: ABC On DemandNews - Delicious works with Tim Pope on BBC1 Strictly id. Click to watch!Trailer: Defiance (Syfy/Comicon)News - We're on the Doctor Who trailer! Click to watch.Trailer: Pan Am (BBC2)Titles for BT Sport Rugby ShowNews - our music brands and soundtracks 'Bacardi True Originals'. News - Our music helps launch Peugeot 205 in Brazil. Click to watch!Identity & Score: Let The Journey Begin (Virgin Galactic)News - Our first TV titles piece 'The Best'. Click to watch! News - Here is our 'ABOUT US' film 20142016 MAS Award nomination for Asaassin's Creed Syndicate!The new BBC Sport brand promo has sound design by us!Our music is on The Good Dinosaur trailer!

Have you seen our CREDITS film? Click on the 1st bottle on the bar!Back working with Discovery on BIG trailers!New music for BBC Natural World is coming!New music on Eurosport promos!Our ABOUT US film is in the last bottle on the bar! Full credits are on the music stand...Check out the New Music page for some great tracks for licensing!